A powerful foe is ruling the world 10 years in the future. Control a boy named Ness as he embarks on a long and perilous quest to defeat him before he can take over.

Plot/Storyline: 10/10 The story is great and the events follow smoothly in order.

Music/Sounds: 8/10 The music tracks are unique to the game and give the right feel to an area or fight. However, some tracks are the same pieces of music over and over again for a long time.

Controls: 9/10 The controls are smooth and work well. However, some buttons serve the exact same function as other buttons, and one button is used only when you ride a bike, which is at the very end.

Overall: 9/10 If you love RPGs, this game will make you very satisfied. If you hate RPGs, you still can't help but like this game.

Story Walkthrough

1/128 Chance Item Guide


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