OK, first of all, none of our staff members own or work for ANY of the companies whose games we list. We just love video games and want to share our knowledge to you. So don't think we're rich bigwigs from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft.

Second, we rank our games by rating these aspects of the games:

Storyline/Plot:If there's a story, it flows well and is understandable how things happened

Sound/Music:The variety in music and sound effects

Controls:How the controllers work, the better the game controls, the higher the rank

Overall Ranking:The average of the above topics, however focus more on the first and third topics and not a high overall rankings.

 The different dimensions of the games:

2D:Everything's flat, most older games are 2D.

2.5D:SSBBrawler coined this term to label games that are either a side-scroller with 3D effects, or an attempted 3D game, Super Mario RPG is an excellent example for this type of game dimension.

3D:Games that let you move in 8 directions, and are similair to the real world by giving multiple views of objects and not just one side.

Here's how a game's main page will look like:



Guides will be below: 

Please forgive us for some of the blurry box covers. We do our best to get better, clearer images. 

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