Aaaahhh! A nice vacation on Delfino Island is exactly what Mario and co. need! Unfortunately, an unknown enemy frames Mario for graffiti painted around the island and scaring away teh Shine Sprite! Mario is equipped with a talking water-sprayer for the game to remove graffiti that he was blamed for making. Every so often a Shadow Mario runs around and somehow, people confuse him with you.(HOW???) Eventually you'll have to defeat Bowser yet again.

The beginning explains how Mario ends up in the situation he's in. Otherwise, there's barely any connecting information.

A wide variety of sound effects and music for each area.

The controls blend together very well, you can easily preform combos that would be difficult to preform if there was a different control setup.

While there are few cutscenes showing what happened to locations, the cutscenes that are there are great. This game lets you do many things so you're not limited to one or two things per level. The amount of Shine Sprites per level increased since Super Mario 64 with 2 Secret Sprites per level as well as a 100-Coin Sprite and the Episodes that area undergoes. This game is good for beginner and pro gamers alike, the levels can be challenging or easy for a wide range of player levels. This game is a good game until you get all the Shine Sprites where it's no longer as entertaining. If you get the oppurtunity to buy it, buy it, it won't dissapoint.

Systems: GameCube

 Story Guide

Shine Sprite Guide:Coming Soon!

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