This DS remake of Kirby Super Star for the SNES is jam packed full of fun-filled adventure through Dreamland. There are 11 different adventures you can play each with their own special conditions. In addition, there's 3 Sub-Game Mini-games and 2 Nostalgic Mini-games!  This game is the answer to the Kirby fans' prayers as one of the best Kirby games is made even better!

Systems: Nintendo DS

Plot/Storyline: 8/10 While there's no storyline connecting the different adventures, however, each adventure has it's own unique and great story.

Music/Sounds: 10/10 Loads of Soundtracks and Sound FX, plus, you can listen to all of the tracks you've heard in the Options Menu.

Controls: 9/10 The controls handle great, there are only one or two bad side to the controls they give on only one or two modes. Otherwise, it'd get a 10.

Overall: 9/10 Great game, lasts long with Secret Modes being more difficult than the earlier adventures. If you're new to Kirby, start with this or the original Kirby Super Star for the SNES. It will suck you in the Kirby Universe.

Click on any of the Adventure or Mini-game title for a detailed walkthrough!

Click for information on Kirby's Abilities and Helper Information!

Adventure Mode!

Spring Breeze:King Dedede stole all the food in Dreamland! Great for beginners to learn the basic controls.

Dyna Blade:Dyna Blade is stealing crops from the Dream Landians! Slightly more difficult than Spring Breeze, but still is more of a tutorial.

The Great Cave Offensive:Kirby's lost in a cave! Help him get out while collecting all 60 treasures!

Gourmet Race:Race with King Dedede to eat as much food as possible and cross the finish line!

Meta-Knight's Revenge:The masked swordsman Meta-Knight is back and using his ship the Halberd to conquer Dreamland! Stop him!

Milky Way Wishes:The Sun and the Moon are fighting! Collect the power of the stars to ask the Great Comet NOVA to stop them! But the planets containg the power of the stars has their own set of element-specific traps. One of the hardest and longest adventures!

----STOP IF YOU DON'T WANT THINGS SPOILED!!!---------------------------



Revenge of the King!:King Dedede is back! And now he's stronger than ever! Get to his castle and stop him!

Arena:Fight 19 bosses in a row with limited recovery! Tests your stamina!

Meta-Knightmare Deluxe:Play as Meta-Knight and go through the levels Kirby has up to Milky Way Wishes and defeat the greatest warrior of the Universe!

Helper to Hero:Play as one of 20 Helpers and defeat 13 Bosses!

The TRUE Arena:The final stage, fight the top ten hardest bosses including the feared Final Four!

Mini-game Mode!

Sub Games 

 Kirby Card Swipe:Get the card on the Touch Screen that matches the one on the top screen!

Kirby on the Draw:Shoot Kirby baddies like the heros of the Wild West!

Snack Tracks:Eat food and touch bombs and worms!


Nostalgic Sub-Games

Megaton Punch:Smash the planet using power, aim, and timing! Try to crack the planet in half!

Samurai Kirby:Press a button to hit your opponent when the "!" appears!

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